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Effective July 19, 2012: the Morrow County Correctional Facility will only accept cash at the jail window for inmate accounts. Checks and money orders through the mail will not be accepted.

The Morrow County Correctional Facility is managed and controlled by the Morrow County Sheriff and his Corrections Staff.  The Sheriff and his Corrections Staff are required by law to maintain the security, approved living conditions and fair treatment of all prisoners.

The Morrow County Correctional Facility is located in the same building as the Morrow County Sheriff's Office.  It is a 126 bed full service facility housing felony and misdemeanor male and misdemeanor female prisoners.

The Morrow County Correctional Facility has maintained a high standard of proficiency and professionalism.  We have received a 100% passing score on the Bureau of Adult Detention Inspection.


General visiting hours:

Female inmates:      Sundays, 1pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm
Male inmates:          Wednesdays, 1pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm
ICE male inmates:   Saturdays, 1pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm

All visitors must call on Sundays between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to schedule visits.




SECTION: Communication, Mail, and



TITLE: Inmate Visitation

REFERENCE: Ohio Jail Standards


EFF. DATE: January 1, 1996

REV. DATE: July 7, 1998

October 15, 1998

September 9, 1999

December 22, 2008

09/08/2015, 05/05/2017


Inmate visitation (family members, friends and professionals) provides a means by which the inmate can maintain contact with family and friends and receive professional consultation to cope with personal and legal problems.

Visits shall be restricted only if the jail administrator or designee determines that a visit is a threat to safety, security or best interests of the jail. The jail administrator or designee shall document restrictions in writing.

Visits between inmates and members of the public shall be monitored And may be recorded by any means for safety and security reasons.

Visitors shall be required to provide valid identification.



A. Non-Contact Visits/Non-Professional

1. All visitation shall be done by video visitation. The visit must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance. All visits will be terminated 10 mins after the visit was scheduled if the visitor fails to log in online.

2. Non-contact visits will be held in the Visitation Area located in the public lobby as well as online via internet. An inmate entrance is located within the security perimeter. The area is located just inside the lobby. This area can be observed from the booking office without listening to conversations yet maintaining security and is secure that physically separates the inmate and visitor with capability for two-way conversation and non-obscured and/or video visitation.

3. Visitation Requirements:

  1. Visitors are required to be 18 years of age, or if under 18, to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A legal spouse that is under 18 years of age may visit if they show legal proof of marriage. Visitors shall register upon entry into the jail lobby. The registry shall include the date, visitor name, inmate visited and length of the visit.

b. Persons with criminal records shall not be excluded from visiting.

c. Persons shown, by substantial evidence, to constitute a threat to the inmate or security of the jail will be excluded from visitation privileges.

d. Intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) visitors will not be allowed to visit an inmate.

e. Persons on Probation/Parole will not be allowed to visit without written permission from their Probation/Parole


f. Parents are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children. Disruptive behavior by children is grounds for termination of the visit.

g. Visitors may be subject to a search upon entering or leaving the facility.

h. Loud, disruptive, or inappropriate behavior is grounds for termination of the visit.

i. Corrections staff has the authority to seat visitors or inmates at their discretion..

j. Visitors are expected to wear appropriate attire. The Visitation Officer has the right to deny visitation for  inappropriate attire.

1. No see-through clothing

2. No provocative shorts (such as short-shorts, Speedo’s etc.)

3. No clothing with gang/club insignia

4. No clothing with obscene gestures and/or language

5. No tank tops, tube tops, or muscle shirts

6. No bare midriffs

7. Shoes must be worn

8. Shirts must be worn

9. Appropriate undergarments must be worn (bra, slip underwear)

10. Skirts and dresses must be at the middle of the knee

k. Personnel supervising visits may give a verbal warning to inmates or visitors who fail to comply with the Jails' visitation rules. If a rule is broken for a second time, the visit will be terminated and the visitor(s) will be asked to  leave. Some violations will not require a warning.

3. Number of visitors: 1 adult and 2 children or 2 adults and 1

Child or 3 adults.

Visitation times / scheduling procedures:

The jail shall provide general visitation hours that provide inmates the opportunity for thirty minutes of visitation per  week. If the jail utilizes video visitation, it will provide weekly general visitation hours that are supported by the visitation system utilized, no less than twenty minutes per per visit. A schedule of visiting hours shell be posted in inmate and visitor areas or the jail website.

Inmates will be permitted 2 hour a week in 30 minute blocks, unless circumstances dictate a temporary suspension of visitation. Visitation will be allowed 7 days a week and times: 8am – 11am, 1pm – 2pm, 6pm – 8pm

The visiting times and rules will be posted in the public lobby Area, in the Inmate Rules and Regulations and on our website.

A. visitor must make an appointment by scheduling online or in the lobby on the visitation kiosk.

B. For video visitation in the lobby, each visitor will be

Positively identified at the inmate information window and then be directed to the visitation kiosk.

C. No cell phones are permitted during visits.

D. Proper identification:

1. Driver's License

2. Ohio I.D. Card

3. Military I.D.

4. Valid verifiable photo identification card

5. Valid Passport

b. If questions arise over what constitutes acceptable identification, the Shift Supervisor/O.I.C. shall be contacted and resolve all issues.

5. Visitor Registration / Log Book:

a. All visitors are required to register online.

b. A computerized log will be maintained. The computerized log will note the name of the inmate, visitor’s name, relationship to the inmate, the time the visit is scheduled and the time the visit ends. The information in the computerized log will be entered into the inmate’s computer record.

6. Viewing of visitation:

The jail administrator or designee will monitor all scheduled visits. Any misconduct will result in the visitor losing the privilege of visiting any inmate in the facility.

7. Search of Visitors:

a. A sign shall be posted in the lobby warning the general public that any person who attempts to bring contraband, weapons or otherwise violate the security of the jail shall be subject to a search and prosecution.

b. A pat search may be conducted under the conditions cited in “7.a” above (with the Shift Supervisor/O.I.C. approval). Males will search males and females will search females. The visit will be denied if contraband or weapons are found on the visitor.

The Shift Supervisor/OIC shall be summoned and the visitor turned over to them for the filing of criminal charges.

c. Inmates shall be informed in writing that the visit was

  1. denied including the rationale for denial.

B. Special Visits and or Contact Visits:

  1. 1. Eligibility for Special Visit and or contact visits: Any special
  2. visit must be approved by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator. All
  3. visits, whether approved or denied, will be documented by
  4. utilizing the Special Visit Request form. This form will be
  5. completed by the Shift Supervisor/OIC and forwarded to the
  6. Jail Administrator for approval or denial. This document will
  7. be on file in the inmate file and visitation log. Visitors
  8. shall give at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice of when they
  9. would like the special visit. Such visits will be conducted in the visitation area. Special visits may be granted when:

a. An event of personal significance has occurred for the inmate (i.e., death of spouse, sibling or parent), and the visit may help to reduce the ill effects of the event on the inmate.

b. Other such circumstances which have prevented a visit from taking place at the regular scheduled time. No personal property or money will be taken or handed out during any visiting periods.

C. ICE detainees/Inmates may make requests for contact visits using the Special Visit Request form. These contact visits must be approved by both the Sheriff or Jail Administrator and the ICE Field Office. Due to the approval being needed by ICE these requests must be made three (3) business days in advance of the requested visit.